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Activist hysteria as measurement of reality, the case of Poland and Hungary

"On the Barricades" s06e57

Maria Cernat and Boyan Stanislavski discuss in this edition of On the Barricadesย  a report claiming that Poland is the worst place for the LGBT community despite the fact that recent research shows that the LGBT community's acceptance in Polish society is improving. Maria Cernat then goes on to analyze the successes of Hungarian president Viktor Orban, whose prospects of winning elections grew significantly, according to a poll taken in March. The poll indicates that he would win three quarters of the parliamentary seats. Meanwhile in Hungary the police repressed a couple of thousands of protesters gathered in front of Viktor Orban's office.ย  Maria Cernat tries to analyze the sources of Orban's success despite strikes and protests. She also makes the point that essentializing the LGBT stance the performance and success of a politician does not offer a comprehensive explanation. Moreover, linking the LGBT cause to that of security institutions and corporations of the collective West may prove a very dangerous strategy in the long run.

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The Barricade
The Barricade
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