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Rudderless Reign: Poland's Govt's Violent Rampage and Constitutional Collapse (w/ Urszula Kuczyńska)

In the latest episode of "On the Barricades," host Boyan Stanislavski welcomes Urszula Kuczyńska, a distinguished commentator and former politician of the social-democratic Razem party, for an insightful discussion on the tumultuous landscape of Polish politics following the recent seismic shift in power. As the opposition takes the helm, the duo delves…

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On the Barricades
“On the Barricades” is a thought-provoking podcast that offers in-depth commentary on international events, with a strong focus on systemic critique rather than daily news. Proudly presenting an Eastern European perspective, we delve into the underlying processes and political dynamics shaping our world, drawing on our unique historical experiences with Soviet-style socialism to provide intellectually and politically refreshing insights.