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What you will find here are analyses and commentaries written by journalists, activists, and academics from Eastern Europe. It's primarily about our region, but we also discuss a number of global events. Our goal is to show the Left's intellectual and political capacity in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe, as well as to provide perspectives and discussions that differ significantly from the Western perspective that the global public is accustomed to.

In addition, we discuss historical and ideological issues. We create audio and video podcasts as well as written content. We are one of the few remaining leftist centers that offer classical socialist views, but most importantly, a rational approach! In these times of abandonment of reason and overwhelming emotional disbalance in public opinion, we believe it is our mission not only to promote concrete agendas for universal solutions, but also to advocate for the intellectual tradition of the Age of Enlightenment.

Who we are

We're a group of Bulgarian, Polish, and Romanian leftist journalists, activists, and academics who believe it's past time to take leftist politics, and especially leftist media, seriously. We made the decision to demonstrate to the world that the Left can also create professional media outlets. Really professional means hiring journalists on full-time or part-time contracts, paying for their health insurance and pension fund, and so on. And we've been doing it this way since 2016!

We primarily cover Eastern Europe, but we also offer commentary on major world events from a regional and political standpoint. The Barricade is a great place to learn about what's going on in the former Eastern Bloc, including Russia, and how local leftists see it. The majority of our analyses, comments, and conclusions differ significantly from what can be found in reputable Western media. We're also actively resisting Western neocolonial attitudes; nations east of the Elbe River are constantly the target of lectures or outright attacks from the West. Some of our region's nations, most notably the Russians, are demonized or humiliated in unacceptably harsh ways. By Western 'civilized' standards, our societies are frequently depicted as backward, conservative, and plain weird in the liberal Western press. This attitude has largely contributed to the rise of authoritarian right-wing political factions and their major successes in Eastern Europe over the last decade.

We analyze every new hype that emerges in the mainstream about any of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, and we bring you new analysis or commentaries. We not only write, but we also record podcasts in both video and audio formats. On the barricades, our flagship weekly program, airs every weekend at 3 p.m. Central European Time on YouTube, Rumble, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

We have strictly political and ideological interests in addition to regional ones. And historical as well. We frequently discuss the problems of the contemporary Left on our website and in our podcasts, which appears to be unable to analyze and respond to its own catastrophic defeat rationally. Instead, it follows the Right, develops authoritarian culture, and succumbs to increasingly insane liberal ideas, which are bizarre from an Eastern European perspective. What is the reason for this? When did this become a problem? Have we always had sectarianism and opportunism on the Left? What's the matter with the Left these days? Those and other questions are addressed in our program Divided We Fall, in which we speak with Pat Byrne, a long-time socialist activist and historian.

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Contact and additional information

BARICADA Publishing House Ltd., based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is the publisher of The Barricade. You can contact us at b.stanislavski@nonstopmedia.eu or +359899881375. All copyrights to all publications appearing on The Barricade, Baricada România, and Барикада are held by the aforementioned company.

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We are an Eastern European leftist media outlet that challenges and demolishes corporate media narratives. Particularly with regard to our region.
Bulgarian by birth, Polish by residence, internationalist by conviction. Proud Eastern European with classical socialist values. I primarily comment on international politics and the catastrophic decline of the left.