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“I was a paid propagandist” for President Tudjman in ex-Yugoslavia: Joe Tripician

“I was a paid propagandist” for President Tudjman in ex-Yugoslavia: Joe Tripician

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On this weekend’s release of “On the Barricade”, host Maria Cernat invites Joe Tripician, an American Emmy-award-winning filmmaker with very interesting Balkan connections. In 1997 Joe accepted a job to write the "official" biography of the president of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman. He had to decide whether to write what the Croatian government wanted and help the president escape a war crimes indictment, or to tell the truth and become an enemy of the State. He shares his personal experience of being a paid propagandist for a Balkan war criminal– which lends some insights and reflection on the workings of the Croatian state propaganda campaign after the break-up of Yugoslavia and a bloody fratricidal war. 

Joe wrote about his experiences in the book “Balkanized at Sunrise” which is soon to become a documentary, “I Was a Paid Propagandist.”

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