Mar 20 • 56M

Inside a refugee camp, women, and governance in Palestine: part 3 of Boyan’s Israel/West Bank trip

“On the Barricades” s06e39

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In this weekend’s release of “On the Barricades,” regular hosts Boyan Stanislavski and Maria Cernat speak with Youri Smouter of 1+1. The discussion was launched after Boyan’s return from a trip to Israel and Palestine, where he was with a group of journalists invited by an EU organization in the West Bank called EUPOL COPPS.

This is the third and final part of the 3-part release. We hear from Boyan about the refugee camp he visited– in which the fourth generation is now being born, and where the conditions have been created for people to live relatively normal lives. What are the conditions for women there? Why and how is it that they don’t receive pensions, while men do? What is the political climate on the ground– given the PLO’s corrupt leadership, non-handling of elections, and the emergence of other forces including terrorist groups? How does Israel’s apartheid regime depend on these “dangerous” groups, such as in appealing to the US and international community for support? And, of course, the question of whether a two or one-state solution is possible to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict has to be touched on.

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